Here you will find information about performance and health measurements as well as tips about athlete horse health monitoring, telemedicine cases and equine well-being.

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Sport horse health monitoring: where to start?
The sport horse's health can be compared with the health of a top-level human athlete, which requires...
Exercise ECG: how and why work with it?
Exercise ECG is an examination that records the electrical activity of the heart during training. It allows...
Polysaccharide storage myopathies – or PSSMs
Polysaccharide storage myopathies - or PSSMs - are rare but serious equine metabolic disorders. They are...
Horse warm-up: what are the best practices?
The horse's warm-up is an important part of the training process that should not be skipped. To discover...
Muscular disorders in athletic horses
Horse muscular disorders can have serious consequences for both health and performance. Muscles are...