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Claudine Anen, veterinary dentist and surgeon in Belgium at Pferdeklinik Altforweiler after studying at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and obtaining her doctorate, gave us her time to give us her opinion on her use of EQUIMETRE.

Why did you choose EQUIMETRE VET ? 

” I am very interested in monitoring sport horses, especially thoroughbreds. It was Dr Van Erck who recommended me to work with Equimetre. From the very beginning it was very pleasant to work with Arioneo because we benefit from a very good support. Equimetre makes it possible to obtain the ECG at full speed, which is not offered by other monitoring devices. Doing ECGs on racehorses at full speed is essential to detect arrhythmias, as some of these can only be observed at high speed. As veterinarians, this is the one point that decided us to choose Arioneo. “

Dr. Claudine Anen

German veterinarian

What are the main advantages of EQUIMETRE according to you ?

EQUIMETRE VET is the only system that can be put on all kind of sports horses to evaluate their performance, monitor the heart rate, and systematically collect the ECG even at full speed. It can be used not only with racehorses but with all sports horses. The great advantage is that you can let trainers and riders train normally, even without the presence of a vet, and still have their ECG to analyse remotely.

What has EQUIMETRE brought in your work routine ?

My customers are really happy to be able to visualize the trainings. They have a clearer view of their horses’ performance. With the data presented on the EQUIMETRE platform, especially the heart rate and the recovery parameters, they can get what is going on during training. Owners can have access to the data too, so this makes it much easier for them to understand.

equimetre vet

Has it changed the way you interact with your customers ?

Another important thing brought by EQUIMETRE is the opportunity to be working very closely with the trainers. If a trainer has one suspicion of a problem on a horse, this system allows the vet and the trainer to have access to the same information. They can have a common view of the problem detected and work together to understand what is going on.

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