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Collecting electrocardiograms is one of the key features of EQUIMETRE VET. As a reminder, the ECG is a graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart. Indeed, the heart contracts under the impulse of electrical signals that the electrocardiogram measures.


The ECG is one of the only ways to detect certain cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (left picture of Atrial Fibrillation from Equine Sports Medicine Practice report VS right picture normal ECG). In addition, some arrhythmias are only seen during exercise, hence the need to work with a tool that can monitor the horse at any speed.

EQUIMETRE is the only system that can be fitted to all types of athletic horses to evaluate their performance, monitor heart rate and systematically collect the ECG even during exercise. The great advantage is that you can let trainers and riders train normally, even without the presence of a veterinarian, and get their ECG to analyze remotely.

Dr. Claudine Anen

German veterinarian

equimetre vet


Being the only monitoring device with internationally patented electrodes and scientific validations, EQUIMETRE VET gives you the ability to collect and store the ECG of each horse being monitored at each training session. With this tool, you can watch the ECG live or replay it after the training – on an unlimited number of horses.  It is also the only tool that can measure the ECG of a horse at full speed with the same accuracy as at rest.

For the analysis of your ECGs, our offer includes a premium license of the best ECG analysis software available today: Kubios HRV® and 5 ECG analysis by our partner Equine Sports Medicine Practice, specialized in internal and sports medicine for sport and race horses.

In practice, the trainer can monitor the horse without the presence of the veterinarian. Then, a USB extraction software allows the trainer to send the ECG data to his veterinarian who will be able to consult them on Kubios.

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