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Last November, we went to the Haras des Grillons (Valence) for the Winter Tour organised by Hubside Jumping. We had the opportunity to discuss with Jean-Luc Mourier, international show jumping rider competing up to CSI4*, about his EQUISYM experience. Discover, through these few questions, the advantages of using EQUISYM for sport riders.  

Can you speak about your EQUISYM experience? 

What I really appreciate about EQUISYM is that it allows you to see if the way you feel about your horse corresponds to reality. I like to use EQUISYM when my horse is very well, when I feel he is in great shape, which allows me to obtain reference values. As soon as I feel that there is something a little less good, for example if he shifts a little more to one side or the other, or if he has less propulsion, I monitor him again. This allows for the early detection of problems that may worsen, allowing them to be treated effectively – and ahead of time.

How do you work with EQUISYM to follow your horses?

Currently, we have set up a monitoring protocol for all high-level horses, which compete in major events – from 1m40 to 1m55. They are all regularly monitored, at least once a month, and more frequently when we notice the slightest problem.


Does the use of such a tool improve your understanding of your horses’ locomotion?

EQUISYM actually comforted me. For example, when I felt something, I didn’t always know how to explain it. Now, with the sensors, and thanks to the different curves and indices on which we can see the asymmetries, it is really easier to explain our feelings.

Do you have an interesting case to share with us?

We had monitored a horse on which I felt a small defect. A week later, we collected data again with EQUISYM, and we could see that the defect had slightly increased. So, instead of keeping him working, we turned him off, and treated him. When we checked it again a month later, everything was back to normal. So we were able to avoid the worst! 

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Picture : Scoopdyga